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1980 MONET Gold Plated Chain Bracelet
1980 MONET Gold Plated Chain Bracelet

1980 MONET Gold Plated Chain Bracelet

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1980 MONET Gold Plated Chain Bracelet

  • 18cm
  • Vintage gold plated finish


Please be mindful that this piece has led a previous life, and may tell its story through minor imperfection. Purchasing this item continues its narrative, so you can be confident that you’re making a positively conscious choice for the planet.


About Monet

Monet was founded in 1919 by brothers Michael and Joseph Chernow. Monet was known for for making “tailored jewellery” -  Crisp, clean gold and silver plated pieces without stones that were suitable for everyday wear.

In 1934 they hired a designer with a background from Cartier. The designer, Edmond Mario Granville, would remain with the company until his death in 1969.

In 1981, Monet was licensed to sell the costume jewellery of French designer, Yves Saint Laurent, in the US. YSL

designs had high standards, and Monet was likely the only costume jewellery

company that could meet the manufacturing requirements. After success with that

line, Monet began manufacturing Christian Lacroix costume jewelry in 1995. Like

YSL, Christian Lacroix used quality materials, and Monet sold the line

exclusively in upscale department stores.

Today, vintage Monet jewellery is particularly prized by collectors for its quality. Thanks to triple-plating, it's not unusual for Monet pieces to last for decades without showing signs of wear on the finish.

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